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2016-05-01 01:02:28 by Razzar508

I havent been on this site in 4 years OWO

I'm a creep lol

2012-07-30 20:32:30 by Razzar508

I was looking for pictures of me at graduation on my school's webside and I find this. I have no memory of doing this but i'm so proud that I did it! :D

I'm a creep lol


2012-05-30 19:55:05 by Razzar508


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so much

2012-05-21 19:46:22 by Razzar508

To think about... Iv'e just turned 18, im graduating in a week and Im not sure of what exactly I want to do for work. I either will follow my training and become a welder/metal worker or work with animals. After graduation I'm gonna take a month off to think about it...and enjoy some graduation partying. I only like being social if it's to party. I usually keep to myself but there are a few people I will go out of my shell for. I do like talking to people online though. Just leave a comment here if you wanna talk.

PS: You can talk to me about just about anything.... I'm immune to awkwardness lol. :3

PSS: I like this pic of me so I will share it :D

so much

Holy damnn!!

2012-02-08 15:05:58 by Razzar508

I'm really liking the new look for Newgrounds! nice work Tom and whoever else did it. :]

BTW I love the new smilies.

Here's my current Blacksmithing project. It's a Candelabra... ( Fancy Candle holder).

Holy damnn!!

I got a 3ds

2011-12-30 11:49:05 by Razzar508

If anyone else got one add me as a friend and give me your code? :D

My friend code is 3222-6042-9524

I also made a really cool Batman themed metal gate.

I got a 3ds


2011-11-01 15:48:41 by Razzar508

Halloween was postponed because of the snow storm that hit new england last weekend. Major power outages everywhere. Im lucky I have power. most of my friends in surrounding towns say it will be 3-6 days before they get power back, but because of this ive had no school for the past two days. :] even though trick or treating is held off I still dressed up. here's a pic. Idk what I was exactly cause i used pieces from previous years....Im guessing a dark fairy or some gothic whore lol.


I had my wisdom teeth taken out this morning, Now im on pennicilin, percocet, and iphoprophn. I feel happy but not loony....i wanted to feel loony. Also i couldnt keep the teeth... I WANTED MY TEETH!! awww there goes tose trophies.. but whatever i get to skip school ths week.

And here's something totally not related. I drew this picture, do you like? My inspiration was ICP. im not a big fan of ICP but my best friend is so i listen to it sometimes when chilling with him. ENJOY IT!!! :]

lol in a lil bit of pain right now.

So i hate..

2011-08-30 23:32:38 by Razzar508

When Im trying to help someone...and it blows up in my face.

...yes i know how that sounds you perves lol.

Anyway yeah not a fan of that. I don't even know why i try anymore. Its just those few people that you really care about... i wont bother with anyone else. Im a cold bitch to everyone else lol :D

PS: im bored a lot and like talking to people so if you have a skype hit me up, my username is razzar508.

Answer the question in the pic? :P

So i hate..


2011-07-30 19:27:57 by Razzar508

I can't find my ipod touch... and i'm really bored. :P

wazzap with you?